Reduction rates


We, in my organization, have stumbled across a problem when calculating emission intensity reduction.
The organization I work for has decided to calculate our SBTs in our database (not using the tools SBTi has provides), so all the calculations are in one place.

We have found the emission reduction pathway of IEA ETP2020 and divided into annual reduction rates based on the pathway data, so it would be possible to follow our emission intensity reduction year-by-year. The pathway and the respective reduction rates considers the baseline of 2020 emissions. We would like to set the targets based on our 2022 financed emissions. When applying the annual reduction rated to the respective sectors (and extending the emission reduction pathway until 2050), we discovered, that total emission reduction is missing the reduction rates of previous years (in this case for 2021 and 2022), therefore not meeting the original pathway.
Is there any solution how to include in the annual reduction rates the whole pathway, even if we are not using the 2020 emission intensity baseline? If there is another solution, we would be glad to discuss it with you in more detail, to gain better understanding in the target calculation.

Thank you in advance!
Kind regards,