Question about data mismatch with IEA

Currently working with a firm to set targets. Ran into a question regarding the scenario data in the SDA tool versus the original IEA data.

For the years 2015-2024, the SBTi tool “database” and “calculations” sheets’ figures for Iron & Steel, Cement, and Aluminium appear to differ from those provided by IEA’s publicly available information (

In particular, when looking at IEA’s industry_summary B2DS figures and figure 4.7, the years 2015-2024 (B2DS) in the SBTi tool have much lower MtCO2 emissions figures for these sectors.

Does anyone know what could explain the difference? We are trying to be as accurate with our data as possible so just wanted to check.

Thanks in advance!

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Many thanks for the question. We are waiting for a response from our technical team who designed the SDA tool. Will let you know as soon as we have an answer.