Pdf of SME Target form to share with SMEs

Hi, It would be helpful to have a pdf version of the SME target form, so that the company can see all the information they need to prepare before completing the form. Is that available and could be shared, please?


Hi Kim,

Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, the only way to access the form for SME’s to submit targets is online at this link. One can work through the submission document at any point without officially submitting to see what data inputs are required for submission. This form serves as a check to ensure that SMEs are in fact able to pursue the streamliend validation process and are not bound by other requirements as defined below.

For the purposes of target validation by SBTi, an SME is defined as a non-subsidiary, independent company with fewer than 500 employees. Note that this does not include Financial Institutions (FIs) and Oil & Gas (O&G) companies. The SBTi exclusively considers the above criteria to classify an entity as an SME and only entities that fall within this definition can use the streamlined route for SMEs. Country-level definitions, emissions intensity, market capitalization, or any other considerations are not used by the SBTi to classify this type of entity.

Sorry I can’t provide a .pdf export, but hope this provides the information you need.