How to check our current status after sending the commitment letter?


Once we sended commitment letter by online form, and recieved SBT Signed Commitment Letter request from SBTi commitment team.
That email said
“Please note that to continue with your screening process, you would need to send a Commitment Letter with a signature
(handwritten or digitally Don’t forget to include all the pages on a single file.)
Don’t forget to include all the pages on a single file (including informational part pages) by replying to this email.”
So we re-sent a digitally signed commitment letter in reply to that email.
After that, I have not heard anything from the SBTi commitment team and am having trouble understanding what the current status is.

I checked this thread here and it said that it usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete the vetting of the commitment letter.
However, it has already been over 3 weeks since first we submitted our commitment letter and I am very concerned.
Is there any way to confirm this?

kind regards,

Hi, thanks for reaching out but you’ll have to follow up with the commitment team on this please as this Community Forum is meant for financial institutions-related discussions. Thanks for bearing with them as they work through their long backlog of emails.

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