How do I use a fiscal year as base year for a non-financial SME in the application?

Dear SBTi team,

We’re an organisation that would like to set a near-term target using the special route for SMEs. If we understand it correctly we should fill in this online form: SME Target Validation Booking System 

However, when choosing the base year, it’s not possible to choose a fiscal year. Is it correct that I can only choose the pre-determined base years from the list (2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022). I can’t find the answer in the document “SBTi Criteria and Recommendations for Near-Term Targets version 5.1 April 2023”.

If I can’t choose a fiscal year as my base year, why is that so?

Looking forward for your help,

Hi Olivia, from what I understand, the SME validation route only considers calendar years. However, please note that this Community Forum is meant for financial institutions-related discussions. You can reach out to for more information and questions on non-financial sector companies.