Temperature Ratings Approach

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I’m in charge of compiling the database we need to run the TRA python tool and obtain each company’s temperature. While compiling, I ran into the case of Commerzbank and discovered this organisation has set targets through both TRA and SDA approaches for its Scope 3 emissions. I’m having trouble inputing its targets as part of the TRA, as they seem not to adhere with the format the tool requires. I seem to need an aggregated scope 3 target, but rather have multiple ones depending on asset classes from the bank. Is there any guidance on how to input this in the database that feeds the python tool? My understanding is that the TRA tool does not consider the % of coverage of Scope 3 emissions, and it therefore troubles me how to group multiple Scope 3 targets with different coverage %.

For reference, this is Commerzbank’s formal commitment: https://sciencebasedtargets.org/resources/files/Target-language-and-summary_Commerzbank-AG.docx.pdf


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Hi, still having this doubt. Any light on it?

We are aware of the issue with multiple S3 targets for FIs, but there is unfortunately not a solution for this at the moment. It is part of the development plan, but we have no ETA currently.