Target Setting for Asset Management Division

Hello everybody,

we are currently thinking about including our asset management division under der SBTi V2 Version for financial institutions. However, would it be possible to clarify to following case?

Our Asset Management Division has two sections: A “sustainable investment” section and a “standard” section. Is it possible to set separate targets for those two sections? We know that we can set different targets for different asset classes but we are not sure on whether we can set different targets based on “investment strategies”

Additionally, we were wondering whether the SBTi would approve targets of our bank if we would only set targets for our “sustainable investment” asset management section and exclude the “standard” section for our portfolio boundary?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Targets can be set at a granular level if the target language is clear (to an external stakeholder) on the target boundary (what part of the portfolio falls under which target).

Coverage requirements must be followed so exclusions can only be made for out of scope activities.