STBi join body issue

A public real estate development company will participate in SBTi, and its subsidiary, the property management company, also hopes to participate in SBTi as the main join body to make a commitment,

So in this case , the property management company will include ALL the managed properties to the assessment scope and set SBTi goal. just wonder if such operation by the property management company is workable ? Will it cause conflict with the goals set by the real estate company to join SBTi in the future?

Companies should submit targets only at the parent- or group level, not the subsidiary level. Parent companies must include the emissions of all subsidiaries in their target submission, in accordance with the boundary criteria outlined in the Corporate Net-Zero Standard (or Near-Term Financial Sector SBT Guidance for FIs). In cases where both parent companies and subsidiaries submit targets, the parent company’s target must also include the emissions of the subsidiary if it falls within the parent company’s emissions boundary given the chosen inventory consolidation approach.