Scope 3 target language in submission form

I’m a FI that only has scope 15 emissions associate with a mutual fund we manage. We would like to set a SBT Portfolio Coverage target. Do we need to include the headline target language of “Financial institution name commits to achieve SBTs in asset classes by target year* from a base year. Financial institution name’s portfolio targets cover XX% of its total investment and lending activities by unit.” in addition to the SBT Portfolio Coverage language of “Financial institution name commits that XX% of its asset class(es) portfolio by invested value within the sector will have set science-based targets by target year.”? In the SBT Portfolio Coverage language, the portfolio companies in the mutual fund are from many different sectors…do we need to include the “sector” part in that statement or keep it more broad to cover our entire mutual fund?

Yes, both a headline target (which outlines the total coverage of all AUM) and a given asset level target are required. For the mutual fund, you would not need to highlight the individual sectors in the target langauge