Target Wording of Scope 3 Portfolio Target Coverage

We are a financial group, and we own asset managers as our subsidiaries.
And we are preparing an SBTi target submission at the group level, including subsidiaries.

We have a question regarding the SBTi Submission Form - ‘3.1 Proposed Target(s) Wording’, Headline Target template of Scope 3 Portfolio Targets (below)

When calculating the coverage(%) of our group portfolio target, must we count both our own investment and AUM?
i.e. coverage(%)= (our own investment + AUM) included in our target / Our Total own investment + AUM

Many thanks,

Hi @sangyunkim,
Apologies for the late response.
The short answer to your question is, yes you should also include AUM. And you should set targets for these assets, provided there are methods that you can use to set targets, e.g. equity and corporate debt.