SBTi-Finance Tool: mid-run timeframe and intensity target type

Hi, we are trying to calculate our portfolio temperature score using the SBTi-Tool. Currently, we are focusing on mid timeframe targets (between 2025 and 2035) for scope 1 and 2 and noticed that some firms were given a default score of 3.2 degrees Celsius, even if there was presence of goals. Two things occurred to our mind and we decided to test them.

a) Most of the firms that were given a default score had the “end_year” variable set to 2025. After changing it to 2026, ceteris paribus, the default score disappeared, and the “correct” score was given. Is there any reason behind it? Since we chose mid timeframe target, 2025 should be included, right?

b) Some of the firms that were given a default score had “target_type” variable set to “Intensity”. The “intensity_metric” variable was not empty and fit the list of possible metrics one may include. Specifically, we had “Power Generation”, “Other”. We searched a little bit and found out that during the target validation protocol and mapping process, no regression model was attributed to the target. After we deleted the “intensity_metric” and changed the “target_type” variable to “Absolute”, ceteris paribus, a different score was given. However, since those firms also do not have an “Absolute” goal, we only have the “Intensity” option to calculate the temperature score. An example is Orsted, which has set goals (found in SBTi website and CDP) for scope 1 and 2, which is a “target_type” of “Intensity”. However, after calculations, Orsted was given a default score. Is there any reason why it happened and is there a way to fix it?

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Having exactly the same issues too.

In addition to these, you could also ask why it is necessary to enter data for companies with a verified SBT. When Orsted has set a 1.5°C target, its temperature rating should be just that.

Alternatively, the spreadsheet “DOWNLOAD ALL COMPANIES TAKING ACTION” available on Companies taking action - Science Based Targets should give all the data necessary for the “Data provider” spreadsheet.

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Hi Henrik,
Please see this reply to a similar question regarding the difference between the temperature rating method and targets approved by the SBTi.

Hi Donald,
Are there any updates on the issues we are facing?