SBT Portfolio Coverage target for Fossil Fuel industry


Could financial institutions set only one engagement target covering Fossil Fuel industry and Other Companies industry under the SBT Portfolio Coverage target? Because the Fossil Fuel industry has another minimum coverage request in the guidance.


For example, a financial institution wants to use the SBT Portfolio Coverage method to set several industrial corporate loans. Could it set the SBT like, Financial institution XXcommits that 25 % of its corporate loan portfolio by loan value within the Fossil fuel and semiconductor industries will have set science-based targets by 2025.

Thank you!

Hi @CCC,

In table 5.2 (p55-57) in the guidance you see which methods you can use for each asset class and what the minimum coverage is for each asset class and activity. You are free to select the available methods and mix and match as you see best fit, as long as you make sure all your required asset classes and activities are included at the required coverage.