REC - Target Validation Protocol


I am looking for some guidance from the community here regarding the Target Validation Protocol for Renewable Energy Certificates.

The document states "RECs need to be purchased and used within the same market and cannot be used as a reduction mechanism for markets that the certificates were not purchased from.” Let’s start with a scenario where an organization has constructed a solar array to power their facility, but decides to monetize the RECs generated by the asset. Would the organization be able to monetize these generated RECs, and then purchase national Green-e RECs to satisfy their Scope 2 target, or would they need to purchase RECs specifically from the State that the facility is in?

Ultimately, the question becomes are national Green-e REC purchases valid for satisfying Scope 2 science-based targets?


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your question, this would be best answered by who can give you a definitive answer on the current accepted stance of SBTi on RECs.