Near Term Targets Booking System


  1. We are preparing for SBT validation and expect to submit it in 2022 first quarter. However, according to the Near Term Targets Booking System, we found that the nearest available date would be in late July. Does it mean that we are not able to meet our schedule and submit for SBT validation in the first quarter of 2022?
  2. If the nearest submission date would be in late July, does it mean that company should prepare SBT by using SBT tool v2.0 and align with the new criteria announced on 15th Jul. 2021? However, we are close to finalize our target development with sign-off of company executives. This would be a big issue if we should start all over with the new tool and criteria.

Thank you!

Hi @CCC,

First, can you please clarify if this question relates to financial institutions (FI), as this forum is currently mainly supporting FIs.
For FIs, we are in the process to launch a separate booking system for FIs, which should be online in the coming weeks, which financial institutions should use.