FI deciding to join SBTi bur confused about FINZ and current guidelines

Hi, I’m part of a pension fund that is currently evaluating its adherence to SBTi. We are studying all your guidance and frameworks with the intention of submitting a commitment letter in October. Nevertheless, due to the development of the FINZ Standard and future modifications, we were wondering if our time scale won’t clash with new developments. Our idea is to adhere in October and then work all of 2024 and part of 2025 on establishing both, our near term and long term targets. Given that the FINZ Standard is intended to be released in 2024, will we be able to work with current guidelines without having to modify them midway? Will they be validated in 2025 with current guidelines (e.g. Neart-Term Guidelines 2.0)?


Any feedback on this anyone?

Echoing Lilian’s question :slight_smile:

Please refer to the FINZ Consultation Draft FAQ - in this case, the Near-Term Targets vs Net-Zero FAQs section.