Exclusion of minor asset classes that are required activities for the first validation

Hi Madame/Sir,

It seems that other financial institutions set the targets only for their main asset classes. Our portfolio consists mainly of SME loans and very little of the SBTi’s required activities. (e.g. asset share of ‘Corporate loan: other long-term debt’: 2%; ‘Corporate loan: commercial real estate’: 0%; ‘Common stock’: 0%; ‘Preferred stock’: 0%; ‘Corporate bond’: 0%)

  1. Could you let us know if we can first set the primary asset classes, which are optional activities, for the initial target validation and expand the target coverage later on to other asset classes? (E.g ‘Corporate loan: other long-term debt’ is not one of our major asset classes.)
  2. If we are able to exclude minor asset classes, even if they are required activities, for the first target validation, what is the exclusion threshold? Is it relevant to the proportion of total loan or GHG emission?

Thank you