Changing Region in Science-Based Target Setting Tool 2.2

Hi there. Is there a way from changing the region from “World” to some other region e.g. EU, or even national e.g. UK (this would presumably and rightly set more stringent decarbonisation pathways)…The tool appears to be heavily locked and I have been unable to locate any input options to change the region?

many thanks

There is currently no such option for this tool. I would note, however, that the tool only provides the minimum ambition required and FIs are encouraged to set targets with higher ambition.

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Thanks for the reply Howard, I really appreciate it.

Point taken about it being a minimum ambition…is there any way of using the available tools to create a ‘science based’ 1.5oC target based on EU decarbonisation trajectories, rather than more arbitrary more ambitious than the global pathway in Tool v2.2?

thanks again, Dan.

Currently, only our Buildings Sector Tool is planned to incorporate regional pathways.