Changes in data while waiting for validation period

Hi there,
I have a client that just submitted their baseline and target for SBTi validation, and they are now waiting for the valiadation to start (no contact with SBTi yet). We are then were wondering if they still had time to update the baseline figures since they had some new insights into their scope 3 purchased goods and services. If the target hasn’t receive a formal approval/decision from sbt yet, do they have the possibility to update the figures without any additional fee?

The same takes place for a non-financial client. Can you please shine some light on how we should proceed? How we should share communicate the new changes while we are waiting for contact?


Dear Ligia,

Thanks a lot for your question – I think this is going to be very helpful for other FIs.

FIs can send amended submission forms before the validation start through or once the validation starts they can send the updated submission form or any other updated document or data to their assigned Lead Reviewer.

I hope this helps!

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