Category of investments in REITs, listed real estate companies, and real estate mutual funds

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I have some questions about SBT FIs.

(1) In table 5.2 under the listed equity and bond, there is a category of investments in real estate investment trusts (REITs), listed real estate companies, and real estate mutual funds. I would like to know that the method of carbon emission attribution is also the same as the listed equity and bond method in PCAF? Is it attributed through the carbon emissions of the issuing company, rather than the detailed calculation of the carbon emissions of REITs investment component ?

(2)Investments in listed real estate companies in separate category from common stock. From my point of view, listed real estate companies should also be included in the common stock category. Do they have special meaning when presented separately?

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Hi there, I had the same question as Ren in (1), regarding emissions attribution to real estate mutual funds. Does this follow the PCAF methodology for listed equities/bonds, or the more detailed REIT calculation?

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