Bank bonds (listed equity and bonds)

Hi there,

For a bank setting an SBTi, if their balance sheet includes investments into bonds issued by other banks are these a) in scope, and b) if yes, and they look to set at target for these using a portfolio coverage or temperature rating approach, which emissions should be considered? Is it the scope 1 and 2 of the bank, and the financed emissions (scope 3 category 15 of the bank)?

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Yes @VickyH, these bonds are in scope and all scopes should be included.

Thanks Donald, and how does this work for the temperature rating approach, as a bank would have multiple scope 3 targets to cover their financed emissions? Is the SBTi finance tool able to accept multiple scope 3 targets?

Hi @VickyH,
Currently there are a few FIs with SBTi-approved SBTs and we are working on a solution to combine their multiple S3 targets into one, so that the tool can accept the data. We don’t have an ETA for this right now, but hope to be able to present a solution soon.