Biomass combustion criteria

Hi, I have a concern about my company’s decarbonization strategy due to Criteria C11, p. 41-42 in Corporate Net-Zero standard. Partially, my concern will duplicate the same from Charlotte (Topic as of 15th Sep “Bioenergy for heat and power production”) which is still waiting for the response.

My company operates on biomass energy-system which gives around 95% of total Scope 1&2 company’s emissions. Following the criteria C11 we have to account all these biomass combustion emissions in SBTi boundaries. I have the serious thoughts about achievability of SBTi net-zero just because biofuels are equalized to fossil fuels. Even it’s also known that fossil fuels demonstrate a higher LHV values per combusted ton of fuel compare with biofuel. So, it sounds like my company will be more suitable for SBTi would it be operating on fossil fuels instead of bio, because it will emit less CO2e.
DAC, CCS and other technologies limited in my country.

Does my interpretation of C11 criteria right? If yes, is there any chance to achive net-zero with biofuels?

Thank you in advance for the answer!
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Hello Timur

Please note this Community Forum is meant for companies in the Financial Sector only and from your post I understand you are looking for resources for corporates. I doubt you will find the information you are looking for here.

Please refer to the Net-Zero webpage on the SBTi website, or email with your specific question.

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