Bioenergy for heat and power production

Hi !
I have some difficulties interpreting some of the criteria in the Corporate Net-Zero Standard and the Power Sector 2,5C-guide and would need some clarifications.

According to the SBTi corporate Net-Zero Standard from October 2021 (p 41, C11:15) “the positive impact of “exceeding” zero emissions due to biogenic removals shall not be accounted for…” and “removals that are not directly associated with bioenergy feedstock production are not accepted to count as progress towards SBTs or to net emissions…”.

What does “exceeding” zero emissions mean? Does it mean that CO2-removals cannot be accounted for as emission reduction (above the x-axis) but only as removal (below the x-axis)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Charlotte,

Thank you for your question.

We don’t allow companies to report negative emissions from biogenic sources, i.e. more removals than emissions, and as they are reporting these emissions separately from their GHG inventory, companies are not allowed to net the removals from biogenic sources from their GHG inventory.