Bank as part of a conglomerate

Hi there,
I would need some guidance regarding conglomerates that include banks. E.g. if a conglomerate has set and verified SBTs and now needs to implement them also for their bank. As part of the conglomerate target, scope 3 emissions need to be reduced around 35%. Therefore, the conglomerate thinks the bank should to set a 35% reduction target for their on balance sheet activities.
However, if the bank would set its own target according to the FI guidance, a reduction of 50-60% would likely apply to this part of their portfolio.
Which guidance now prevails? Could you provide me some guidance and maybe examples of similar cases? Thanks for your support.

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Targets on FIs’ investment and lending activities may be set using the SDA, Portfolio Coverage, and Temperature Rating methods according to the SBTi FI Near-Term Criteria. An absolute emissions reduction target on FIs’ portfolios is not currently an option.