What is SBT's stand on nuclear energy?

What is SBT’s official stand on nuclear energy? Is it an acceptable energy source when going for the reduction targets?
Thank you!

Hi Johanna, thanks for your question.
SBTi is technology agnostic and do not have limitations or an official stance on nuclear energy. Depending on the reduction target you are talking about, definitions and requirements may vary.

Hi Hunter,
So can a company that has set a SBTi target meet its reduction commitment via purchases of guarantees of origin from nuclear energy? If yes what are the preconditions that need to be met for applying these guaranties of origins and are there any other limitations?
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Hi Nuolinn,

For the corporate side of things you’d be best off reaching out to info@sciencebasedtargets.org for a response with more information to your question.

Thank you, I have reached out to SBT to get more clarity.

Hi Hunterb,
I approached SBTi with an email requesting a clarification on nuclear energy but no response since then. Can you please help?
Thank you