What can financial institutions do if no data is available for some of the assets in a 100% required category, i.e., some listed equities or bonds?

SBTi accepts high-level estimations to be used as input data for target modeling and encourages FIs to improve data quality over time. For instance, we accept “scope 5” level data in the PCAF scheme. In addition, you can always use portfolio coverage (PC) and/or the temperature rating (TR) for 100% of your listed equity and corporate bonds. E.g., for PC it just means that the investees that have not set an SBT (this data is freely available on our website (https://sciencebasedtargets.org/companies-takingaction and from commercial data providers) reduces the portfolio coverage %. In TR, if you don’t have data from some investees, the method and tool apply a default score (currently 3.2C) to these investees. Hence you can always cover all companies in these portfolios.