SME route open for subsidiaries of PE buyout funds?

I wanted to repost my earlier question regarding the SME route ( Definition of an SME in the PE context) and frame the question differently. In section 2.5.3 of the PE guidance, it is stated that “SBTi’s SME route is relevant to PE firms interested in engaging PCs with fewer than 500 employees to set approved scope 1 and 2 emissions targets”. However, the definition of an SME is an independent non-subsidiary entity. What does this mean for PE funds which have SME subsidiaries (> 50% ownership) as well SME affiliates (< 50% ownership)? Does 2.5.3. of the guidance supersede the definition of an SME, so that the SME route is available to > 50% subsidiaries? What about equity stakes of between 25% and 50%? Thank you very much!