Scope 3 mandatory for FI?

Sorry - new to this - so please forgive what is a basic question
Is S3 mandatory for all FI?
SBTi Criteria Assessment Indicators document page 83 Table 6 1.1 states that S3 is required for near term, though my firm has only made a near term commitment on S1&S2.
This feels like it is in conflict with financial Sector Science-Based Targets Guidance V1.1 Aug 22 which implies that a firm can make near term S1&S2 commitment
We made our commitment in Sept 2022

FI-C1 in both the Criteria Assessment Indicators and Financial Sector SBT Guidance V1.1 state:
Financial institutions (FIs) must set a target(s) that covers institution-wide scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, as defined by the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, and scope 3 investment and lending activities as per FI-C15 and FI-C16. FIs may set targets for remaining scope 3 emissions categories as per FI-R9.