Progress to goal with improving data quality


Could you tell me more on improving data quality after having set a target? For example, if you can measure your data more precisely, but cannot recalculate this for the base year due to data unavailability how would you deal with this?

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Thanks for your question, and apologies for the delayed response. We currently developing a MRV protocol to answer these very questions about tracking progress. We will be launching a public consultation on methods available for tracking later in 2022 so would welcome your input once released.

Regarding changes in data quality - if you cannot recalculate the baseline then there are two approaches that are currently used by companies:

  • If the changes are significant when using the new data, you can set a new base year to reestablish a more accurate baseline
  • Continue with the current target, but report that some of the target achievement may be due to improving data quality rather than actual improvements in performance.

We hope to work through these questions in more detail as part of the MRV process, so we can give specific recommendations for each target setting method.

Thank you very much for the response. Eager to look into the new MRV when published for consultation