Portfolio Coverage Specifity

Hi a Private Equity firm is currently preparing a Portfolio Coverage target. Due to the current nature of their portfolio, 98.8% of their investments (based on emissions) have their own SBT’s.

Therefore the question pertains to the granularity of reaching 100% by 2040 they need an increase of 0.07058823529% per year.
Does this need to be tracked to this level of granularity or would the SBTi consider it sufficient to round to option 2 or 3 of the below? or must they stick to Option 1?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jack,

With Portfolio Coverage targets, FIs must reach 100% SBT coverage by 2040 at the latest. Since the target year of Portfolio Coverage targets can only be at most 5 years from the date of target submission and given such a high starting % SBT coverage, I would strongly recommend that this PE firm commit to 100% SBT coverage within the next 5 years.


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