Portfolio coverage calcuation clarification

I have reviewed a lot of discussions around portfolio coverage weighing methodology here but did not find answer to my question. To make it simple I ask my 2 question below with an example:

  1. In the sector capital goods, I have outstanding amount of €100 million to 10 different clients at year end 2022. 4 out of 10 clients have an approved SBTi and these 4 clients have year end outstanding amount of €30 million. Can I conclude that my baseline for portfolio coverage in this sector is 30%? I believe in this example I have selected WATS aggregation method (?)

  2. What do I need to change in the above calculation if I want to select SBTi preferred aggregation methodology such as ROTS? I also have to mention its really complicated for users to translate temperature rating formula and guidance to portfolio coverage without more details and examples. Recommend SBTi to create dedicated section for portfolio coverage methodology with examples

I would appreciate a lot if anybody could provide their valuable inputs to my question above? Many thanks!