New target setting approaches in FINZ Standard

Hello! I am wondering if the accepted target setting methods (SDA, portfolio coverage, and temperature rating) will remain the same in the final FINZ Standard or if there will be additional methods provided?

We are a family office that does not have consistent, nor concentrated, sectoral exposure and the range of asset classes in which we invest make setting engagement targets that cover our full portfolio nearly impossible. We are wondering if we can expect to see broader or more flexible methods provided in the final criteria or expect that these 3 approaches will remain the core methods.

Thank you!

Hi Ally. Indeed, the expectation is that the current target setting methods will potentially expand to include other methodologies, all subject to the feedback and development of the FINZ standard. The next FINZ Q&A Session is tomorrow, Thursday, August 3rd at 9:30am CET (3:30pm HKT). Register for the session here:

Before joining the Q&A sessions, watch the recording of the draft Fossil Fuel Finance Position Paper webinar ( as well as our deep-dive recordings covering the draft FINZ Standard ( and draft Near-Term Guidance updates (