FI / Private Equity

Our company is a Private Equity Firm. We would like to set a target at a limited partner level, but not general partner level. According to the Private Equity Sector Guideline, “This Guidance is not intended for Limited Partners to set SBTs. Limited Partners of direct investments, fund of funds, etc., should refer to the main SBTi FI Guidance.”
This firm holds only private equity, without any other assets type.
In this case, is FI Guidance or PE Guidance applicable?

In particular, FI Guidance specify setting a target for Scope 3 with the use of a financial tool to calculate weighting (FI-C17.2 – SBT Portfolio Coverage Targets), while private equity Guidance does not (PE-C18.2 – Portfolio coverage targets). Is it acceptable in this case, to just follow the PE Guidance in setting Scope 3 Portfolio coverage targets?

Hi Veronica,

The underlying SBT Portfolio Coverage method is the same under the FI Guidance and PE Guidance.

To clarify though, is your firm a limited partner in all of its investments or is it a general partner that wants to set targets only on its limited partners’ investments and not on itself?


Hi Howard,
Thanks for your reply. We are Managing Limited Partner. We hold 100% of the General Partner. We will set a target on ourselves, with all the investments of the GP included in Scope 3 category 15.