Electricity Generation Company definition

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Would it be possible to clarify the definition of electricity generation company to be used for the “corporate loan-electricity generation” asset class? Is it correct to include in the asset class companies whose main activity is electricity generation?

In the new Fossil Fuel Position Paper draft, it is indicated that also companies producing power from gas, coal and fuel are defined as fossil fuel companies (included in the “downstream” section of annex 2) and therefore it is not totally clear whether a company producing electricity for example from gas is to be included in the asset class “corporate loan-electricity generation” or is to be considered as a fossil fuel company, and therefore to be included in the asset class “other long term corporate loans”.

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Hi! Is there any update on the question above?

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Activities in the electricity generation sector shall be covered by an electricity generation target - that has not changed.

Depending on the definition/threshold used for the fossil fuel company/value chain, however, some of FI-C17.4 for the pilot test version 2.0 of the Near-Term Criteria and Recommendations for FIs, could also apply if FIs choose to use the interim criteria as a method.

For example, based on the proposed pilot version, if FIs define coal and oil & gas companies using the GCEL and GOGEL, then utilities should not be affected (unless they are somehow on those lists).