Corporate loan targets setting criteria and method

Hi there,

We have a question regarding the target setting criteria and methods for corporate loans;

Currently, the bank that I am working for has set target for corporate loans for high emitting sectors. The targets have been calculated and set;

  1. considering both on-balance and off-balance loan values (in order to reflect a potential increase in loan exposure in the future)
  2. considering both short and long-term loans
  3. considering two product types; loans and credits

Could you please verify that this method is aligned with the most recent SBTi requirements and definitions (we see some discrepancies between the FI guide and the answers on some of these community posts)?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for posting!

The minimum SBTi requirements are laid out in Table 5.2 and the rest of the FI Guidance document. This includes on-balance, long-term corporate loans. Coverage beyond this (e.g., undrawn loan amounts, short-term loans) is welcome but not required.

Regarding credits, could you please elaborate what this product type is to make sure we’re on the same page?