Commitement letter vs. SBTi-FI Guidance - Level of Ambition

Dear community,
we are currently preparing for committing to SBTi. Since we also already deep-dived into the framework for financial Institutions we came across the following ambiguity we couldn’t figure out how to resolve.

In the commitment letter it says:
the minimum ambition of its near-term targets, which as of July 15, 2022 will become 1.5°C for scope 1 and 2 targets and well-below 2°C for scope 3 targets.

In the SBTI-FI Framework, however, it says: (FI-C8 - Level of Ambition)
At a minimum, scope 1 and scope 2 targets will be consistent with the level of decarbonization required to keep global temperature increase to well-below 2°C

We are now not sure, whether we, as an FI, would be allowed to set Scope 1+2 Targets with a level of ambition “well-below 2°C”?

Hi Frenky,

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