Tool and Method Updates - information from the SBTi FI team

Information and discussion regarding updates to the method and code for CDP/WWF Temperature Rating

The following table describes changes to the tool code after the original release.

For information on changes being considered for future releases, see below.

Id Release ver. Available in pypi File What Why
1 1.0.1 yes requirements.txt pydantic bumped to 1.6.2 Dependency update
2 1.0.1 yes added FALLBACK_SCORE = 3.2 as parameter Better than hard coded in program
3 1.0.1 yes ghg_s1s2 and ghg_s3 changed to Optional Avoids program stopping execution if ghg data missing.
4 1.0.1 yes several Formatting to improve legibility -
5 1.0.1 yes *.rst Documentation files updated to reflect that the tool has been moved to a new repo SBTi wanted to have control over the tool and its repo
6 1.0.2 yes Fixed links to tool documentation Changed due to tool moving to new repo
7 1.0.2 yes n/a Change to use poetry for publishing of package to pypi Easier to use
8 1.0.2 yes Bug fix lines 167-172 Parentheses misplaced which could cause erroneous result in very rare cases.
9 1.0.2 yes n/a Added feature to auto generate docs on push to main Easier to use
10 1.0.3 yes Bug fix lines 171 and 173 Additional fix to bug in item 8 above

Updates to tool released on 15 September, 2022

Id Release ver. Available in pypi File What Why
11 1.0.4 pending System Step down to Python 3.7 (see PR #275) Colab doesn't support Python >3.7
12 1.0.4 pending, Added parameter to set default temperature floor - defined in, used in (NOTE: currently set to 0 (zero) pending method update confirmation TR method does not allow scores below 1.3 (see PR #276)
13 1.0.4 pending Fix coding error line 349 where dataframes shall use pd.isna() (see PR #283) Coding error
14 1.0.4 pending Typo in code (line 119) checks same value twice. (see PR #282) Coding error
15 1.0.4 pending Multiple Update dependencies for urllib and numpy. (see PR #277, 278, 279) Get rid of security warnings in github
16 1.0.4 pending CTA* Update to latest "companies taking action" file. (see PR #284) Need latest version for portfolio coverage
17 1.0.4 pending Simplified calculation of target.reduction_ambition (no change in logic) (see PR #285) Makes code easier to read
18 1.0.4 pending Change how APIs are called for target manipulation (see PR #285) More proper adherence to method
19 1.0.4 pending Additional checks of input including end_year, base_year. (see PR #285) Filter out unacceptable data
20 1.0.4 pending Enforce use of combined target. (see PR #285) Avoid S2 target chosen over the adjusted combined target