Sector transport definition

Hi, I’m working with a client who wants to be approved by SBTi. I have 2 questions about sector definition.

Regarding the Appendix VI. Sector Definitions in pages 84~85 of the document named ‘Sectoral Decarbonization Approach (SDA): A method for setting corporate emission reduction targets in line with climate science’ Version 1 (MAY 2015),

  1. ‘Marine transportation’ is classified into ‘Other transport’, focusing on ‘freight transportation’. With using GSIC industry code, Marine (20303010) sector seems to comprise establishments engaged in providing goods or ‘passenger’ maritime transportation. However, it seems that SDA follows ‘ISIC’ criteria primarily rather than GSIC code.
    A. Where should ‘Passenger Marine transportation’ be included? Is there any issue in sorting ‘Marine passenger transportation’ into ‘Other transportation’?

  2. SDA sector description distinguishes ‘Passenger transport – Light (or Heavy) Road’ and ‘Other transport – Trucking’ like the below:

  • Passenger transport – Light (Heavy) Road: ISIC codes 4921 (urban and suburban passenger land transport), 4922 (other passenger land transport) will generically apply.
  • Other transport – Trucking: All other transport, in particular freight transport by land. Corresponding to ISIC code 4923 (freight transport by road).
    On the other hand, ‘Passenger transport – Light (Heavy) Road’ and ‘Other transport - Trucking’ have the same explanation in the GSIC descriptions: Companies providing primarily goods and passenger land transportation; Includes vehicle rental and taxi companies’.
    A. Is there any problem if we separate passenger and freight transportation using the ISIC code explanation? Otherwise, is there any other guideline I should refer to?