Sector 'passenger transport - air'

Hello. I really appreciate your work for developing SBTi guidance.
I got some questions about sector ‘passenger transport - air’ in SDA.

Regarding the Appendix VI. Sector Definitions in pages 84~85 of the document named ‘Sectoral Decarbonization Approach (SDA): A method for setting corporate emission reduction targets in line with climate science’ Version 1 (MAY 2015),

  1. SDA sector description in the ‘transport services’ states that ‘Passenger transport - Air’ includes ‘combined and dedicated freight’ transport by air. It is known that ‘dedicated freight’ is an arrangement between a carrier and a shipper (or broker), where the carrier agrees to haul consistent truckload shipments in the same lane at a fixed rate for a specified period of time. (It is also called ‘contract freight’ or ‘primary freight’, and is the opposite of spot freight.) On the other hand, we had a problem in clarifying the exact definition of ‘combined freight transport by air’.

A. Could it be ensured that the definition of ‘dedicated freight transport by air’ we found is the exact meaning of if SDA document explains?

B. What does ‘combined freight transport by air’ mean exactly?

C. Why is ‘combined and dedicated freight transport by air’ classified into ‘Passenger transport - Air’, not into ‘Other transport – Freight air transport’? Is it because its main purpose has to be relevant to passenger transport? Or is there any other reason?

  1. It is stated that ‘Passenger transport – Air’ includes transport of passengers by air over regular routes and on regular schedules; charter flights for passengers; scenic and sightseeing flights; renting of air-transport equipment with operator for the purpose of passenger transportation, etc.; This also includes combined and dedicated freight transport by air.

A. Could ‘regular or not (or scheduled or not)’ be a criterion separating ‘passenger transportation by air’ and ‘freight transportation by air’? Or could regularity be used for both passenger and freight transport by air?

B. If passenger transport is the main purpose of transportation by air, is freight transport accompanying the passenger transport by air included in ‘Passenger transport by air’ regardless of regularity of operation?