Scope 3 target for categories 1-14

We’re a fast growing, small FI. We’d like to set a SBT and I understand that we must include category 15 emissions in the SBT. We’d also like to set a separate scope 3 target related to other scope 3 categories. We would like the other scope 3 target to be intensity based on a $ revenue basis. Can we use that as the basis for an intensity target, or should we set an economic intensity target based on GEVA?

For financial institutions interested in submitting targets on categories 1–14, they must ensure that
these targets meet criteria 19–20.2 in the latest SBTi corporate criteria for them to be approved and
announced. Intensity targets based on revenue are acceptable for scope 3, and you can find more information on our scope 3 target setting methods in Section “Available scope 3 target-setting methods” in the SBTi corporate manual.

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