SBTi Validated companies not being flagged

Hi all,

I’m having trouble getting SBTi validated companies to be flagged when I run the analysis. Here is my data entry for American Airlines. I was under the impression that the flag is made by matching up the company ISINs:

American Airlines has an approved target as shown on the excel spreadsheet that the model references. But the model results aren’t catching it (American airlines shows up as FALSE under the SBTi validated column). I can’t get any other companies to show up as SBTi-validated either.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Andrew,
Running the finance tool using the api (Docker or AWS) uses the first version of the tool. A consequence of this is that the file “companies taking action” (CTA) is not updated. Due to lack of resources, this situation will probably remain throughout 2022. When running the tool in Google Colab or a local installation with Jupyter Notebook, the latest package in pypi is installed, meaning that the CTA file has been updated. In a coming release of the tool, the CTA file will be fetched from SBTi during runtime to ensure that it is always the latest version.