SBT Portfolio Coverage query

Is it strictly required to use the tool for the SBT Portfolio Coverage in the simple scenario below?

1 financial instrument in 1 sector: corporate bonds 100% invested in commercial banks
Investments are in 27 banks of which 4 are committed under the SBTi
I can easily make a weighting based on balance sheet values ($)

Would this approach be meeting the SBTi requirements?

Welcome to the community @Matias.Sellanes,

There is no requirement to use the SBTi tools. You do however need to use one of the currently approved methods and follow the criteria in the framework. But you don’t need to use the SBTi Finance Tool to calculate the portfolio coverage. The tool is simply created to help you with the process of applying the CDP-WWF Temperature Rating and the SBTi Portfolio Coverate methods.

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