Same asset class, two targets/pathways due to different pathways and jurisdictions

Hi there,

I am working with a FI that has Mortgages exposures in two different jurisdictions. Can we set up two different targets, using different pathways, covering each of the loan books? Or is it mandatory to blend both loan book into one target?

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Hi @Ligia,
Not exactly sure what you are trying to accomplish as the SBTi Finance framework uses global pathways, and if the mortgage exposures are all within the same company/group they should only set one target. Please elaborate.

Hi Donald,

thank you for such a fast response. In this case, the FI has different loan books based on different countries and we are investigating using local pathways published by the governments to accommodate for local developments such as regulations.

In general, SBTi does not currently allow the use of regional pathways.

Hi @Donald ,

thank you very much! That is really useful. Just as a follow up, would it be possible to use European pathways? or do they also fall under regional pathways for SBTi?