S12&3 targets failing to deliver output


I have uploaded all data successfully to the tool & have been able to produce output data on S1+S2 targets and S3 targets. However, this data also includes S1+S2+S3 targets which do not produce any output data. I have also tried to run a the input data with only the S1+S2+S3 targets & nothing happens.

I have compared my data to the data legend and I’m confident that everything is formatted correctly. Has anyone had a similar experience or know why this might be happening?


Welcome to the community @HWilson,

Without seeing the underlying data, it is hard to tell what gives you that result. However, it could be that you don’t have GHG inventory for all scopes, which means that the model doesn’t know the relationship between the scopes, hence cannot weight them into a S123 rating.