PCAF - Scope 3 Oil and Gas

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For the PCAF phased introduction of reporting scope 3 emissions, I can’t tell if the language in the guidance explicitly means companies reporting in 2021 or relating to investments in 2021. From what date must institutions disclose their investments scope 3?

Text below:

In practice, this means that financial institutions shall start including scope 3 emissions for the oil, gas, and mining sectors from 2021 onward and additional sectors will be added from 2024. In the years toward 2024, PCAF will monitor the data availability and impact for these additional sectors and will provide additional guidance on the reporting requirements.

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Thanks for your question and apologies for the very late response. Some of the messages slipped through our system and we are trying to follow up on all older messages. This means companies who are reporting in 2021. It is expected now that scope 3 in the oil and gas sector is reported via the PCAF method.