Mapping SDA High Impact Sectors to GICS

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I have a question regarding the mapping of the High Impact Sectors, for which the SDA approach should/can be used.
I have used the GICS Subindustries, which have been listed in the 2015 SBTi SDA document, pages 74 ff.

Are all of the listed GICS Subindustries “High Impact Sectors”? If I map the listed GICS Subindustries to all of the available ones in Aladdin (#158), then 145 out of 158 GICS Subindustires would be High Impact Sectors, i.e. basically all. In addition, some GICS Subindustries are not listed in the SBTi SDA document, which in my opinion must be included (e.g. Oil & Gas Drilling; Oil and Gas Equipment & Services; Oil & Gas Exploration & Production; Copper etc.).

Is the SBTi SDA Mapping still the most current or do you have a new once with a clearer GICS Mapping? Other Alliances use the NACE classification to GICS.

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Hi there,
does anyone have a suggestion? I cannot be the only one with that problem, right?
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Hi Nino, thanks for the questions and appreciate your patience as we follow up.
The SDA document only has the GICS Subindustires for those sectors covered by the SDA, which is only a relevant method for high impact sectors - which would explain why these are all classified as high impact.

Regarding the oil and gas sub-sectors - as the oil and gas sector is not covered by the current SDA these subindustries are not recorded in the SDA methodology document. They will be added once the oil and gas pathway is completed.
Does this answer your question?

Hi Eoin,
Thanks for the feedback :). Your answer makes total sense, but in that case I would suspect that the mapping is outdated, as it is from 2015. Is there not a more current list of the different GICS Subindustries?

And second, in SBTi does not really categorize “high impact sectors”, just whether a sector is covered by SDA or not?

Thanks and best, Nino

Dear Eoin, have you had the chance to consider Ninos question? I am also eager to hear the answer. Thank you very much in advance!