Error when using Scenario 4a/b on the Temperature Rating Tool

I’ve tried to use the ‘What-if’ analysis to understand the impact of targeting a specific company. I’ve entered ‘TRUE’ in the engagement_targets column but get the error “Cannot mask with non-boolean array containing NA / NaN values”. This suggests there are errors in the column, but I have double checked and they are all blank except the one I’m targeting which has ‘TRUE’. Do you know what could be causing the error here? Do I need to enter something (e.g. ‘FALSE’) in the columns that we are not targeting?

CC @GiuliaBorghi

Hi Nettie, that’s strange. Is it only scenarios 4a/b that don’t work? You don’t need anything in the column unless you put “TRUE”.
How are you running the tool? Docker, Colab, Jupyter? I can’t seem to replicate this error so it would be helpful with a little more info.
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Hi Peter, it turned out I did just need to add ‘FALSE’ to all other items in the column to get it to work. I think we’re running this in Docker.