Benchmark: Emission Intensity Indicators

Hello everyone,

I am a consultant working with a leading financial services company in Argentina, and my aim is to develop a science-based plan to help them reduce their CO2 emissions and meet the targets outlined in the Paris Agreement. To achieve this, we need your assistance in developing a benchmarking plan.

Specifically, we are looking for information on emission intensity indicators per employee, per square meter, and per customer for financial services companies of a similar size. Our goal is to identify companies with approximately 500 employees that have disclosed their emission intensity indicators.

The information we receive from this benchmarking exercise will help us identify areas where our client can improve their emissions performance and develop a comprehensive plan to reduce their emissions. It will also provide us with valuable insight into the emissions performance of financial services companies and help us better understand industry trends.

As members of The Science Based Targets initiative, we understand the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and the impact that businesses can have on the environment. By working together and sharing information, we can develop more effective plans and strategies to reduce emissions and protect our planet.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. We look forward to collaborating with you to develop a science-based plan for our client.